A Note From The Founder

I call it a showroom. This isn’t your typical jewelry store with bright lights and diamond heavy cases, manned by someone in formal attire who is there to sell you jewelry to make that commission.

Nope. This is something different. Here we discover together. We open the cases together so you can try on that ring that sparked your heart. We chat about your kids, your vacation, and what meme made you almost pee your pants over cups of coffee or wine. We write down what you have your eye on, so I can drop a hint to someone for your birthday next month.

We text about style ideas. We plan your next piece based on your existing jewelry. We look into the healing properties of the stones and which birthstone combinations look best together.

We start mapping your story along your jewelry journey. Because this story is going to be the story that is passed down for generations, crafted of elements from the earth, with a value that is priceless.

This is Porterfi.


- Jaeda Kinkoph, founder