Welcome to the fascinating world of Luis Morais, where creativity meets elegance, and each piece of jewelry becomes a canvas of artistry and self-expression. Prepare to be inspired as we journey through Luis Morais extraordinary, colorful jewelry, igniting a spark in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

A brief background on Luis Morais' works

Meet Luis Morais, the creative mind behind these enthralling and casual jewelry designs! It all began in 1998, when Luis stumbled upon an eye-catching bracelet in a magazine he wanted, but couldn't find it for purchase. He decided to create it for himself, and in doing that, it sparked interest from his friends and family; and so the journey began.

Fast forward to 2002, and Luis's passion had evolved into a full-fledged jewelry line that's all about personality and uniqueness. These handmade pieces tell their own stories through symbolism and color, making you stand out from the crowd!

Now, let's talk about Luis’ amazing creations! Chic, fun, and gorgeous, these designs are made from top-notch materials like white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, gems, and even crocodile skin! You'll find unique pieces with skulls and crosses that exude a rock-and-roll vibe. But, here's the coolest part - some bracelets even incorporate recycled vinyl from old records! How unique is that?

Why include Luis Morais pieces in your collection

Luis Morais strikes the perfect balance between playful, lighthearted spirit and a darker, wilder side, blending fun and edginess into stunning pieces. You'll wear them with a smile, knowing they're elegant, exciting, and meaningful.

Luis Morais has mastered the art of balancing sophistication with creativity, producing jewelry that harmonizes seamlessly with your individuality. Whether you're drawn to the rich tapestry of history and cultures, the breathtaking beauty of nature, or the pulse of contemporary trends, there's a Luis Morais piece that will embrace your essence and celebrate your unique personality.

What personally drew us to the collection, to begin with, was how EASY it is to wear his pieces. We’ve found a lot of clients use this line as a sort of “gateway” into the world of fine jewelry, as the casual approach is quick to catch on. Through self-expression and creativity, we celebrate the uniqueness of Luis Morais. Here are some jewelry designs to get you inspired so you can discover which piece speaks to your soul.

Luis Morais beaded & cord bracelets

Luis Morais’ beaded bracelets are crafted with an eye for detail, featuring an exquisite array of top-quality materials that elevate your wrist. These bracelets feature precious gemstones, diamonds, and vibrant beads, creating a mesmerizing play of vivid colors and textures.

Each bead is chosen and arranged to tell a unique story, making these bracelets more than just accessories; they become meaningful elements of one's style. Luis really finds symbolism in all his designs, so most of these stones feature some sort of deeper meaning with healing powers when adorned by the wearer. Whether you prefer the subtle charm of a single-color beaded bracelet or the vibrant allure of multicolored arrangements, this collection has a style that will take your look to the next level.

Another unique option is Luis Morais' silk cord bracelets, which emanate an effortless sense of coolness. This style is perfect for those seeking a more casual and easy look. These bracelets are typically crafted from high-quality cords in various colors, ranging from classic neutrals to bold and eye-catching hues. Our favorite aspect of these bracelets is that once you put them on, you don’t have to take them off! The durability really turns them into an everyday piece that will never leave your wrist.

Luis Morais necklaces

Luis Morais necklaces are a celebration of the #neckmess, designed to make a striking statement and elevate any outfit with their unique charm. These necklaces boast a diverse range of materials, and include such gemstones as turquoise, onyx, moonstone, and sapphire. These essential pieces are the perfect way to elevate your neck stack, by adding a hint of color and depth.